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Manjeri Skincare and Flying Solo NYC: A Revolutionary Collaboration Now Launched!

Manjeri Skincare has officially launched its highly anticipated collaboration with Flying Solo NYC as of December 2023. Our luxurious skincare products are now exclusively available both in-store and online. This groundbreaking partnership between the esteemed luxury skincare brand and the largest platform for independent designers and brands in the US is redefining the luxury skincare landscape.

Celebrating the Launch

A Milestone in Luxury Skincare: The collaboration signifies a major milestone, offering an extraordinary fusion of artistry, innovation, and self-care in the luxury skincare realm.

Flying Solo NYC's Unique Platform: Flying Solo NYC is celebrated for its avant-garde and distinctive approach in fashion and beauty, making it the perfect partner for Manjeri Skincare's pioneering vision.

Manjeri Skincare's Dedication to Excellence: Renowned for its commitment to purity, efficacy, and sustainability, Manjeri Skincare brings its transformative body care products to this partnership, each a testament to the perfect blend of science and nature.

Coconut Bliss Body Scrub

$39.99 USD

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The launch of the Manjeri Skincare and Flying Solo NYC partnership is a landmark event in the world of luxury skincare. As we celebrate this collaboration, customers can now experience a transformative journey where beauty becomes art and skincare transcends into an unparalleled experience. This is more than just a partnership; it's a new chapter in the narrative of luxury skincare and self-care.

Treat yourself to the goodness of our carefully curated products designed to make your skin feel amazing. Our collection is made with the best ingredients to help you feel refreshed and pampered. Come visit us at Flying Solo NYC and treat yourself to the goodness of healthier, hydrated, and smoother skin!

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